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This magazine is aimed at offering people a positive and informed opinion of the world around them. True to its name Democratic World is a magazine which takes into account not just the opinions of the editorial team but also engages with the hoi polloi on issues of social significance by making effective use of the social media. It is intended to be the voice of the people, by the people and for the people. Cutting across a wide range of subjects, this magazine discusses politics, commerce, society, culture and entertainment. Our list of esteemed guest columnists includes names like Ashok Malik, John Elliott and Santosh Desai. It is a general-interest magazine for people of influence and talks about new age leaders and entrepreneurs who have carved their own paths. DW also indulges in discussions on art and culture. The magazine debates issues of current importance with opinion makers and social leaders. The objective is to strike that rare balance between conflicting voices by taking different perspectives into consideration. The magazine is fresh and readable in tone: it features interesting blog posts, tweets, detailed book reviews, a travelogue and a food section. It recognizes social media as the new medium of interaction and communication and, hence, has a section dedicated to it. DW is well received among India's top political leaders, bureaucrats and change makers. It is a magazine that is a judicious blend of colours and conversations, insight and intelligence.


ET, as it is known to students, is a monthly magazine, published by Holy Faith International. It has two versions – Education Today (for classes IX–X) and Education Today Plus (for classes XI–XII). It is based on the CBSE curriculum. Contributors are well-known and competent authorities on the subjects. ET covers subjects like English (language and literature; communicative), Hindi (courses A and B), Mathematics (available in Hindi and English), Science (available in Hindi and English), Social Science (available in Hindi and English) and Sanskrit, whereas ET Plus covers subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and English (core). Special issues of ET, known as ET Special are also published in the months of April and May every year to help aspirants prepare for competitive examinations such as medical and engineering entrance tests.

Schedule of ET

• MSBT Maharashtra
• October to February for the Second term (of the CCE pattern)
(of the CCE pattern)
• April to November issues cover the whole course
• December issue is the Pre-board special.
• January to March issues are Board exam special.
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