MBD Books

MBD books are students’ trusted guide and friend in their journey of learning. Printed in four languages (English, Hindi, Odia and Punjabi), MBD books comprise Sample Papers, Guides, Refreshers, Safalta ka Sadhan, Handbooks and Question Banks for grades 6 to 12. The books are compliant with the guidelines of CBSE and state boards across India (Punjab, J&K, Rajasthan, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, etc.). The outstanding range of books provides high-quality content that is comprehensive, well-researched and learning-oriented and has been authored by subject-matter experts and learned academicians with rich teaching experience. It covers almost all subject areas including Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Odia, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science, History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics and Problem-Solving Assessments. The intelligent design, beautiful illustrations, graphs and diagrams featured in the books hold the interest of students and make learning easy and comprehensive. The HOTS and value-based questions help students develop reasoning ability and strengthen their ethical perspective. The Self-practice exercises with adequate number of very short, short and long answer type questions help students assess themselves and advance their academic abilities. We aim to make better the teaching learning experience of students and teachers across India.


This series of Art & Craft books for classes 1–8 is based on Art-integrated Learning (AIL). It is a cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning based on the collaboration between the teaching of the subject and the teaching of ART. The integration is meant not only to make the Artwork joyful but also to make the learning outcome of the subject interesting, which makes the series a strong contender for Experiential Learning.
This integration broadens the mind of students and enables them to perceive multi-disciplinary links between subjects. The themes of the activities are linked to subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and add a new dimension of reflective thinking regarding the topics being taught in the classroom by the subject teacher. Some reflective questions have also been integrated to link the subject and the activities. All the art and craft activities have been carefully selected and designed in order to develop fine motor, gross motor, muscle coordination and cognitive development of learners. The activities are explained in simple steps for easy understanding.


Disney Learning pre-primary series comprising books in English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS and Art aims to develop children’s literacy and numeracy skills and spark their inherent curiosity and creativity. The books in the series encourage children to practise the concepts along with their favourite Disney characters, where everyday themes introduce children to new words in real life contexts helping them to develop and grow their vocabulary skills, number sense, hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Learning becomes fun and effortless when kids learn with their Disney friends.


In our New Learnwell series, we offer books for almost all subjects for grades 1 to 8 including ENGLISH, HINDI, MATHS, SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES, GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, SANSKRIT, COMPUTERS and VALUE EDUCATION. We also publish EVS books for grades 1 to 5; SANSKRIT books in 4 parts, Cursive Writing for grades 1 to 7; and Grammar and Composition.
This series does not just focus on knowledge, it also taps into the creativity, human values and interests of learners. The series makes learning interesting by presenting information in a refreshingly new format that is highly conducive to quick assimilation and retention of classroom lessons. Interest-building questions at the beginning of every chapter for engaging the child with the concept through previous knowledge instantly anchor learners’ focus on the concept being discussed. Each book comes with additional support material—an e-book, concept animations, interactive activities and test generator.

MBD Group provides all additional resources to the schools and teachers absolutely free of cost.


MBD Group’s THINKERACTIVE series features textbooks, workbooks and activity books for grades 1 to 10 in MATHEMATICS; grades 6 to 10 in SCIENCE; grades 6 to 8 in SOCIAL STUDIES; and grades 3 to 5 in EVS. This series is aligned with the latest NCERT curriculum and supports holistic thinking and learning and aims to help students develop strong conceptual understanding through practice, which forms a solid foundation for Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).
Holy Faith ThinkerActive Science and Mathematics Workbooks come with a unique QR Code that assures access to Art-Integrated Activities and Learning Material as per recent guidelines; Resources for Design Thinking with Design Challenges; Resources for STEM Education with STEM Challenge; and Resources to understand Sustainable Development Goals. Lessons are powered with Detailed Solutions of Questions from ThinkerActive workbooks, Worksheets with Interesting Activities, Assignments for Revision, Videos for Subject-matter Reinforcement, External Videos for Topic-related Enrichment and Chapter Test Papers for Exam-Oriented Practice to make learning fun and enduring.


Our PruQuest titles cover ENGLISH, MATHS, SOCIAL STUDIES, SCIENCE, HINDI and COMPUTERS for grades 1 to 8. We also publish EVS books for grades 1 to 5. PRUQUEST is a complete course that is simple, easy to understand and ‘to the point’. Our PruQuest books feature very short and short questions in chapters to consolidate learning of students. The books are aesthetically created to sustain learners’ interest and make them curious for more.


Our ABSOLUTE titles for Grades 1 to 8 are part of a series of outstanding books for MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE and GENERAL KNOWLEDGE and the ART and CRAFT series for LKG, UKG and grades 1 to 5 are specially created to provide a well-planned and balanced platform to the objectives, syllabus and necessary guidelines set by NCERT.

This series aims to achieve the desired developmental goals in a detailed and systematic manner. The approach envisaged in the framework is formulated with the aim to help students come to grips with concepts in a more meaningful manner.


At Modern Publishers we publish a wide range of textbooks and educational resources predominantly for higher education. Modern’s CBSE-curriculum-based textbooks for classes 9 to 12 for all streams of studies – Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science); Mathematics, Commerce (Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics) and Humanities (History, Political Science, Psychology, Physical Education) – are liked by students, teachers and parents. These books are mapped to CBSE, and State boards of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Bihar among others. We also publish books for undergraduate and postgraduate classes and for major Medical and Engineering entrances like JEE and NEET which come in handy for students.