Holy Faith International
Holy Faith is the largest publishing division of the MBD Group catering to school segment. It publishes mostly curriculum-based books for the Pre-Nursery to Class 10. It covers almost all the subjects taught in these classes viz. English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, etc. It has some of the very important and new series/imprints, such as Learnwell, HolyFaith ABC and All-in-One under its name.
It is a recent imprint of HolyFaith International, covers CBSE-curriculum, based on CCE pattern and is for the children of Nursery to Class 8. It is well-known for its beautiful colour printing, attractive illustrations and authentic text. It is a complete package consists of Text books, Workbooks, Interactive CDs and Web-references. Textbooks under this brand are also mapped to our online portal under MBD Alchemie.
It is an important and new imprint of Oxbridge International, CBSE-curriculum based and for Nursery to Class 5. It covers all the subjects taught in these classes viz. English, Hindi, Science, Social Studies, EVS, Mathematics and General Knowledge. It is well-known for its authentic and easy to understand text and beautiful illustrations.
This is among the earlier imprints of Holy Faith International, well-received in the market since its inception, based on CBSE curriculum and also on the curriculum of various state boards, like Assam, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa, Goa, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttrakand. The series caters to the children of Nursery to Class 10. Subjects covered are English, Hindi, Science, Social Studies, EVS, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Art and regional languages. The range includes text books, workbooks, teacher's aide and activity books.
Anew Insight books.are highly recommended for teachers and students that provide absolute learning to the students, as a result, learning is made through a new manner with different images and proper explanations
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