AASOKA, MBD Group’s fast-growing, research-driven learning platform, is focused on bringing a paradigm shift in global learning systems. At MBD Group, we provide high quality education material and support services to learning and teaching communities across the world. With strong roots in EdTech, educational assets and academic research, our reach has been increasing consistently. Created by the in-house research team using learning design principles, our educational material has undergone rigorous testing both on and off the field. Our learner-centric teaching resources enable educators and facilitators to ensure effective teaching.
The new world requires adaptive educators equipped with the right technologies, methodologies and mindsets. AASOKA complements the efforts of educators/teachers in leveraging technology to the fullest. With more than 50 million users year-on-year, our digital assets have been highly appreciated by users in 8000+ schools across the country.
E'cademy is a learning system provided by MBD. It includes Classroom-based Training Modules, Smart Econtent, Teacher Support Kit and other support services. E'cademy classrooms provide an environment for students to put their textual knowledge and practical skills to test and enhance their learning. E'cademy has brought about a paradigm shift in the education system from its traditional learning methodology to an e-content- powered modern approach to learning. E'cademy equips teachers with a set of tools to create an interactive audio-visual environment for the students.
Learning Solutions
E'cademy also offers customised content solutions to its clients. It caters to students, teachers, schools, parents, government as well as corporate institutes. It offers learning solutions for all K-12 subjects. Our learning solutions can be can be customized as per the distinct needs of state educational boards and their syllabi We makes use of modern teaching methodologies to make learning a fun and effortless process. Accompanied elaborate and extensive learning modules, it is an ideal one-stop destination for all required learning needs.
Teacher Training
E'cademy provides teacher training programmes for induction into the latest developments and changes in NCERT and CBSE curriculum. It also conducts workshops to help teachers understand the dynamics of teacher-student interactions, project-based learning, inclusive education, and new and latest pedagogical techniques along with computer training.


Nytra App
‘Nytra’, MBD’s Augmented Reality app, is an indigenously developed app brings textbooks to life. makes images and illustrations come alive in books with the help of animation and voiceovers, for better understanding of concepts. Nytra supports all Digital content, videos and, animations, which work on Android, iOS and Windows- based mobile devices and requires minimum Internet connectivity.

Nytra can be downloaded free of cost from the Play Store. After downloading the Nytra app the user needs to open the app and hover the camera on the image marked with the Nytra logo in the textbook to make the image come alive.
Educational Apps
MBD brings to you an assortment of kindergarten rhymes in English and Hindi for tinytots. This perfect blend of traditional rhymes and modern techniques of learning promises to take a child into a creatively imagined world. Accompanied with melodious tunes and lively animation, it makes learning fun It is currently available as a free app and can be downloaded on all Windows devices from the Windows store.
MBD E-Books
MBD E-Books are the digital copies of the books published by the MBD Group. An ever-increasing demand for digital solutions, has made the move to the next -generation of technology imperative. MBD E-Books are not merely the flat digital version of the print books, but they have been made more interesting and interactive by incorporating animations, videos, activities and help- books.

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