MBD Prive Collection

Here, at MBD Prive collection, we provide our esteemed guests a room for exquisiteness. Noida’s first 5-star luxury property, The Radisson Blu MBD Hotel, Noida, has established the finest and the most revered hospitality benchmark with the launch of the MBD Privé Collection, which offers the highest level of luxury and comfort way beyond your expectations.
Privé Collection portrays unique blend of the world-famous Venetian and French traditions with an Indian touch, we did extensive research to make sure each room in this brand new collection defines urban luxury. Not only did we focus on the architecture, we made sure each furniture piece is bespoke and fits perfectly with the elegance of the elaborately designed rooms.
The rooms have been designed in the best Venetian and French traditions as the decorative scheme encapsulates centuries with styles alternating between those from the Victorian to the most contemporary, which makes its appearance timeless and eclectic. Each furniture piece is bespoke and finished meticulously with gold carvings that date back to the 1800s. All the decorative lights, including goosenecks, table lamps, chandeliers and standing lamps are hand-picked for their unique character and presence to heighten the elegance of the elaborately designed rooms. Quintessentially, the features in the new range include rich fabrics, high beds with footstools, elegant bathroom fittings, modern amenities and neoclassical carpets. The detailed craftsmanship in ceilings and walls creates interesting design elements at the MBD Privé Collection.
The calmness of the interiors is inviting while the freshness is introduced by refreshing green adorned with subtle wallpapers at the corridor level. Adding to the royal charm, the rooms have POP-carved frames around colonial paintings, which are well complemented by the floor with contemporary Italian wooden and stone finishes. Each element has its own peculiarity while retaining design cohesion through different eras thus making it ageless and offering the best of both worlds.


When everything is about serving regality, rooms of MBD Prive Collection never fail to impress our guests with magnificent decor. The MBD Privé Collection comprises of 33 elaborately designed rooms that are tastefully decorated and lavishly furnished.
Each room in this brand new MBD Privé Collection defines urban luxury as it emulates the fashion and impeccable interiors of rococo style while staying true to its Indian roots by blending it with heavy lush embroidery and authentic ‘dabka’ work on draperies and cushions. To ensure an unprecedented level of luxury and hospitality experience for the guests, we render personalized services catering to the individual needs.


Rudimentary of hospitality is the services being provided to the guests. To provide the exquisite and unique touch, the MBD group has also created a special Privé Lounge, which is an exclusive area that makes for a perfect space for an extravagant lunch or an exuberant networking dinner with complimentary cocktail hours, lavish evening amenities and a well-stocked library for passionate readers. The guests can choose from amongst 33 rooms and get an exotic treat of leisure in the royal style.
To the most astute global travelers, the MBD Privé Collection presents a lavish experience including a personal butler, access to the MBD Privé Lounge, signature amenities, signature aromas, mood-lighting, in-room technology that cater to personal specifications and much more for an effortless and luxury stay experience.


With this new addition, the Radisson Blu MBD Hotel, Noida has redefined luxury and comfort and is soon going to become a favorite residence in Delhi-NCR for anyone traveling for business and pleasure by exceeding the expectations of those looking to indulge themselves in an effortless, regal and opulent stay experience!


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