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Our Founder Father Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra strongly believed in doing things which are done in the pursuit of happiness. We have redefine MBD in a new way by valuing every act of kindness of each MDian and calling it as MY BEST DEEDS.
Our CSR initiatives have always reflected the group’s philanthropic commitment to the marginalized and underprivileged. This year onwards, all our efforts will be managed under ‘MY BEST DEEDS’ by a dedicated Volunteer Committee and supported by the respective Corporate Social Responsibility champions across all verticals. This initiative will support, encourage and provide help for the most vulnerable.

AKM Charitable Trust
Beyond our business endeavours, we at comprehend our responsibility towards environment and civic life.
Giving back what we get from society is not enough, we believe in making difference in the lives of the people by taking initiatives and being the change.
Extending support for projects like "Swach Bharat Abhiyaan”, “Empowering Girl Child with Education” and many more, is our way of realising our responsibility towards our society.
We believe that giving back to the society is imperative, which motivates us as a company and as individuals. Moreover, development should come at all levels and hence, MBDians are intensely passionate about everything they do. This also means that we are always ready to make our contributions towards making our community a better place to live in. Whether it's responding to natural disasters, keeping our holy rivers clean or supporting girl child's education, we give our whole-hearted support to all important social causes and duties.

My Best Deeds September 2015
Each noble deed brings us one step closer to God” and living the same MBD Group is committed to continue MY BEST DEEDS.
Let’s be the change which we want to see in the world .
Education Campaign at Primary School For Children
Distribution Of Stationery Kits
Together We Learn and Grow
Tree plantation Campaign
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