Editorial and Pre-Press Services

MBD has now decided to share its rich experience and vast knowledge in publishing operations by offering Digital Publishing Solutions to publishers across the globe. We seek to make working with us a pleasant and enriching experience for every customer, with our thorough understanding of the discrete treatment required to excel the Education, Trade, Professional and Academic workflows.
Our bouquet of services includes End-to-End Project Management; Editorial Services; Art Creation and Graphic Design; and Typesetting.
Project Management
Project management services help publishers break free from escalating input costs and ever shrinking time lines while allowing them to publish best sellers faster and in multiple formats. From project planning, scheduling and author liaison to coordinating with internal teams, we deploy dedicated project managers for all our clients and provide seamless communication by working around our customers’ time zones.
Content Creation
We provide full-service, interactive content creation services for a diverse set of needs including storyboarding, needs analysis, instructional design, scripting, production and proofreading. We also develop content-rich, engaging e-books that embed multimedia resources by repurposing existing core and ancillary print content with client-specified online platforms and web-based portals. We offer affordable and efficient content development services for K-12, higher education and non-fiction books. The diverse academic and professional backgrounds of our content writing experts give us a distinctive edge in terms of managing projects across different disciplines and subject streams. We have proven expertise in technical writing, assessment and test bank creation; instructor manual creation and revision; scripting workbooks and training manuals. We provide everything you need to put the finishing touches on a product. MBD accommodates a range of technical formats, including electronic collaborative workflows, content management systems and pre-press soft proof tools.
Copy Editing
Our experienced copy editors have deep knowledge of all standard industry styles and are trained to perform three levels of copy editing, depending on the needs of your information product. We are familiar with various copy editing style manuals such as AMA, APA, CMS and ACS. Our editors are drawn from diverse academic disciplines such as law, medicine, finance, science, humanities, journalism and English literature, with the minimum qualification of a masters’ degree. This approach helps us edit any kind of content efficiently and efficaciously. Our editors edit for sense, style, consistency and grammar. As businesses expand global operations, many now rely on authors who are not well-conversant in English to write vital documents and scholarly articles. We provide English-language improvement services for papers written by authors whose first language is not English. Our language editors, armed with decades of experience, polish content, improve grammar, remove redundancies, fix problem sentences and fine-tune prose.
As a final step, our professional proofreaders review information products, from online publications to printed materials, before they are distributed to customers. Using the same guidelines that we use for copyediting manuscripts, we carefully proof next-to-final copy, ensuring that content is accurate. We are specialists in providing high-quality proofreading services that ensure content is accurate and consistent. Our proofreaders are graduates and postgraduates in various disciplines and are trained to mark comments using various tools available.
Art Creation and Graphics
Our team of talented illustrators can transform a book’s look and feel with their illustrations and page design. Our Art team designs the pages and creates the template for the project. They also conceptualise and design the cover of every title.
MBD takes content in the format provided and returns high-quality output that is ready to be printed. We offer the full suite of prepress services that enable our clients to go from concept to print in the shortest possible time at a competitive cost. Our team has vast experience working with a wide range of applications, including InDesign, PageMaker and Word.

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