3D Printing
3D printing is a recent innovation, which uses additive technology to build physical models out of various materials. The technology could guide students all the way through the manufacturing process, from concept to completion and reward them with an object they could hold in their hands. 3D printing allows for more authentic exploration of objects that may not be readily available to education institutions, such as animal anatomies and toxic materials.
Apart from art and creativity, 3D printing teaches a lot in situations where students are expected to visualise complex shapes and mechanisms. 3D learning solution is perfect for project-based learning for subjects like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, History, Geography, etc. At believed that once 3D becomes a part of a classroom, it becomes a part of how students think and solve problems. Typically, students are not allowed to handle fragile objects like fossils and artifacts; but 3D printing shows promise as a rapid prototyping and production tool, providing users with the ability to touch, hold, and even take home an accurate model.

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